Athyrium niponicum var. 'Godzilla'

Athyrium niponicum 'Godzilla', Giant Japanese painted fern

Position: Requires full or partial shade in a rich moist soil. Ideal in a sheltered site e.g. woodlands, mixed borders and containers. Drought may force dormancy.

Care: Water thoroughly before planting. Plant to depth of original container. Water regularly in the first year to aid establishment. Trim back old fronds in Spring before new growth emerges.

Height and Spread: 100 x 200cm approx.

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Athyrium niponicum var. 'Godzilla'

Additional Information

Soil Type Neutral
Colour Silver
Soil Moisture Drained
Hardiness Deciduous
Usage/Sitting No
Sun Exposure Shade
Country of Origin Japan/Korea
Care Level Easy
Plant With No